Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Videos -- Volume IX

Okay, so it's finally time for the NFL Playoffs to start. Finally, they're here. As I type, the first Wild Card game is at half with the Atlanta Falcons, the team I picked, up 17-14 over the Arizona Cardinals, a team most believe to be the worst division winner in playoff history, or at least since we've had the current format giving division winners a guaranteed home-playoff game opener.

Anywho, all this mess about football has gotten me into a good mood, regardless of the fact that I'm watching these games alone with nasty weather engulfing my house that's tucked away in what's practically a village. So much of a good mood that I'm not even remotely featuring a song before 2000 in this volume of The Videos. (O.M.G.)

1. Easy/Lucky/Free - Bright Eyes

I've never really investigated anything involving Conor Oberst, outside of the handful of songs I've been forced to listen to by fellow writer, Cardsox, aka Rob Dog. "Easy/Lucky/Free" was the first song, I believe, that I was introducted too. It goes by quickly as it flows ever so perfectly, and surprisingly, Obert's vocals actually are more than tolerable -- actually quite angelic. Oh, and the video is sweet too.

2. Runes To My Memory - Amon Amarth

I know almost nothing about Amon Amarth. The most coming from Metalstorm's ravings in putting its album Twilight of the Thundergod in its Top 10 for the best metal albums of 2008, and the record I was given today by another online buddy and fellow DRK contributor, chrono: With Oden On Our Side. To be honest, the only reason this video is here is for the synchronized windmilling. And the long, Viking like hair that's spun...

3. Young Men Dead - The Black Angels

The Black Angels are today's version of the '60's psychadelic rock. Get anyone from that era and they'll immediately start getting goosebumps out of wonder if the man known as Jim Morrison is somewhere in the room. Driving, pulsating, trippy and dark rock is what's brought to the table by these young guys in the album Passover, one of a handful of records they've released.

4. The Pot - Tool

Am I the only one biting my nails in anticipation for the next Tool record? 10,000 Days, like its two predescesors -- AEnima and Lateralus -- was a fantastic album, and also hard to categorize within rock's walls. This is one of my favorite tracks, right there with "The Grudge" and "Vicarious", along with other less talked about gems. There was no official video for this track but some people out there took it upon themselves. Here's an example.

5. All Nightmare Long - Metallica

Like zombies and apocalyptic destruction caused by the Russians? Then watch this video. Yeah, that's all I got here...

Damn, it's arleady 28-17 and the end of the 3rd quarter. What took me so long?

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Robert Langellier said...

Wow. Good things about Bright Eyes. I'm surprised.