Friday, January 2, 2009

How I got into Rock Music

I'm Dyhard, or Dan, and this is my first post on here.

A couple of years ago, I use to be the normal kid who would listen to rap music and only rap music. I would listen to the local radio station, and listen to only rap/hip-hop. That was until in 2008, when I found two groups on the sports site associated with, and that site was FanNation. Those two groups that I stumbled on, where Dogs, Pigs and Sheep and the other was Karma Police. They both served a different purpose for me.

Dogs, Pigs and Sheep is the place that I joined first. That place helped me get into the classic rock, which is stuff like The Beatles, The Doors, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, and other artists like that. Those people who led the groups like that were LIFER, Mac and Coletrain. I have grown an appreciation for that kind of music, and that is the one thing that got me off the hip-hop/rap scene.

There was another group, Karma Police, they got me into what we like to call "Alternative Rock" and that has gotten me into Bright Eyes, Muse, The Bravery and other artists like that. That was led by Cardsox, DJTG and NomarFan with Chrono helping out. This is the kind of music that I now listen to the most.

These two groups is what found a music that I was craving for, and found what I had a drive to spend more for, and to buy albums. The first album that I bought was Smashing Pumpkins:Rotten Apples (Which is their Greatest Hits) which has opened up my horizons in my music purchases. They made such a good album with their greatest hits, that I had desire to look into different albums from them. I have not purchased any other albums from The Smashing Pumpkins, but that is on my list in the near future.

I'm finding new artists very frequently, and my knowledge is growing with every band that I find. The more and more artists I find, more artists open up to me through finding music made by that specific band.

2008 was a thrill-ride for me in the music department, and 2009 should bring a ride again that will be full of excitement as I uncover more and more different aspects of Rock, and there are so many artists out there to look into, and that has driven me to look for more Rock music.

Thanks everyone who has led me into this great genre of music we like to call Rock.

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Robert Langellier said...

Glad to be an influence. '08 was much the same for me too.