Friday, November 21, 2008

The Videos, Volume V

In case you've forgotten, there's actually more than one writer on this blog. I'm here now. But everyone else... I attribute their absence to simultaneous prolonged writer's block. Here's a new The Videos... fresh from the oven, hot off the presses, whatever metaphor you prefer.

1. "Race for the Prize" - The Flaming Lips

I recently downloaded The Soft Bulletin. Being a Flaming Lips album, it is, needless to say, a thoroughly creative collection of songs. Here's the opener.

2. "Hold On" - John Lennon

From the timeless John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band album, "Hold On" is a relaxed track featuring an inexplicable impersonation of the Cookie Monster. Listen at 1:08. Not that you'll need to focus to hear it. It's pretty obvious.

3. "I've Seen Enough" - Cold War Kids

I was really into Cold War Kids' first album, Robbers & Cowards. I eagerly anticipated their next release, Loyalty to Loyalty which came out last September. Unfortunately, I was utterly disappointed by their sophomore effort. It's like they lost the desire to be a "rock" band, and instead, relied on Nathan Willett's vocals with a little guitar and snare to back him up (Booooo!). Robbers & Cowards was good because it had full instrumentation, and actually had some rockin' tracks. I have no idea why they abandoned that success. This song, though its title expresses my frustration with Loyalty to Loyalty, is also one of the bright spots of the album.

4. "Nancy the Tavern Wench" - Alestorm

Pirate metal. Kind of cool if you're in a swashbuckling mood, or if you want to be in one.

5. "Blood Red Summer" - Coheed and Cambria

I think the coolest thing about this song is the low-pitched guitar (I don't think it's the bass, but it could be) in the background. It's almost imperceptible at times, but it's always there, moving up and down with the chord changes. And as with most Coheed and Cambria songs, the chorus and vocals are great. "Wa-oh! Wo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!"


Robert Langellier said...

You were into the Cold War Kids when Robbers & Cowards came out?

Chrono said...

No... I started listening to them a couple months before Loyalty to Loyalty.

Robert Langellier said...

Oh. That's what I meant. Impressive. That means you liked them before I did.