Monday, November 10, 2008

Music and Travel: Cardsox

"Have any of you experienced this phenomenon?"


A very, very exceptional blog by the good man Chrono Willister confirmed a testimony in my mind from a couple days ago. It's been a rather moody week, with all of the gears of life lately turning in me, and there's been plenty an occasion to reflect on anything and all things. Naturally, music is the tunnel man of these excursions in thought; the dynamite in the mines. Chrono's timely blog has inspired me to recreate his writing with my own memories.

|||November 2007, Lake of the Ozarks|||

In my brother's freshman year of college, he underwent panic attacks resulting from depression and general anxiety disorder. To give him some time off from life, my family took a weeklong November vacation to the Ozarks. Shockingly, it was warm the entire time. Go figure. Anyway, I lost my iPod on this fateful trip. Luckily, I brought some CDs along as well. So it was that, for about 14 hours a day, I listened to Rush's The Spirit of Radio, Queen's Greatest Hits, The Killers' Sam's Town, Band of Horses' Cease To Begin, and Modest Mouse's Good News For People Who Love Bad News. Every time Rush plays, every time Queen comes on, every time "Why Do I Keep Counting?" or "Ode to LRC" or "The World At Large" plays, every time I even smell smoke, I'm taken straight back here, to one of the most memorable weeks of my life.

|||August 2007, November 2007-March 2008|||

Aha heartbreak. The lowest, most embarrassing valley of life. Being the trustworthy, love-seeking pussy that I am, I know all about that. If any of you in the internet community could just see how long it takes for me to recover from these nightmares, none of you would consider me worthy of your inter-presences. Nothing makes it harder to recover than familiar music. Two relationships have really overturned my ship of collectiveness, and both have a few songs to accompany them. For the first, O.A.R.'s "Love and Memories", Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing" and Gin Blossoms' "Heart Shaped Locket" know how to make me feel like crap. For the second, The Killers' "Read My Mind" and "Romeo and Juliet" and Ben Kweller's "Thirteen" make me feel like the dirt that the crap sits upon. Shake, heartbreak.

|||Summer 2008|||

Yes. That flaming skull-over-Confederate flag says Pantera. This last summer, my neighbors got tickets to go see a Pantera cover band called Cemetery Gates in St. Louis. They had an extra ticket, and when they told me they were driving there in a limousine, I was sold. Note to self: Never trust a redneck Pantera fan when told they have a limousine. Imagine the worst, most rundown limousine possible. That was ours. Anyway, on the way down, I listened to Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts I-IV, an instrumental experimental album by Trent Reznor. It wasn't the soundscape daydream that I hoped it would be (too hard and electronic), but that ride and abysmally metal show is ingrained in my memories. I'm glad I went.

|||A long time ago|||

Way back in the day, I had three loves. One was baseball. More importantly, the other two were ping pong and Bon Jovi. When I got Bon Jovi's then-new CD Bounce, I spun it in the CD player constantly. I remember practicing ping pong down in the basement, hitting the ball off the table with the opposite side perpendicular to mine while Bon Jovi's "Everyday" surged on in the background. Eventually I'll reach the Olympic table tennis level. Bon Jovi just has to keep producing new records.

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