Sunday, November 2, 2008

11 - 3 - 08: The Videos -- Volume IV

Enjoying your pre-election day day? I am; cannot wait to vote for the first time. In the mean-time, there's Monday Night Football tonight, which will actually feature both Senators at halftime, being interviewed by Boomer, Chris Berman. And then of course, The Videos!

1. Slave New World - Sepultura

I reviewed Sepultura's album Chaos A.D. a bit ago, and this is one of the songs I am addicted to from it. The focus on musicianship rather than speed and more speed is really what hooks me on this album, and the fact that they didnt sacrifice the heaviness of their music makes it all the better. The best example being this one, I'd say.

2. Go - Common

I dont know too much about Common. It's as close to nada as it gets, with the sliver being what seperates it from no clue and barely a clue is that I keep hearing how he's one of the most respected men in the genre today. There's always the Game, Lil Wayne, T.I. and other various rappers, it's hard to find people like Common, a diamond in the rough, much like Eminem or Lupe Fiasco.

3. The W.A.N.D. - The Flaming Lips

If you havent heard this song on TV during commercials yet, you must not watch all that often. I didnt even know it was a FL song, mostly because I had never heard anything by or investigated them before. As always a passion of mine, checking out an album by an artist I have no previous knowledge of is looking like what's next on my to-do list with regards to the Flaming Lips.

4.Vicarious - Tool

2006's 10,000 Days was just one more classic record by an established art rock/progressive metal band, Tool. The opening track, this one, set the stage emphatically, much like "Stinkfist" did for AEnima. This one is a thunderous beast packed into just under ten-minutes of music, and the video really takes off on its own.

5. Summertime - Janis Joplin

Ah, the 60's. A time in United States history I wish I could've been apart of. I'd of loved to have been around in the 70's and more then one-year of the 80's, but the 60's have always been an interesting time to look back on in what was happening in society and musically. This performance is from 1969. It's the instrumentation that really clicks with me here. Joplin's waning, yet consistent vocals are her own, and for that matter, good touch, but the interludes inbetween her parts are great.

All done. Have fun voting for the next President. (or not)

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