Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Videos -- Volume XI

As of Tuesday, March 3rd, I will no longer be a civilian. I'll be flying off to the new frontier, aka: my future. And the immediate future holds in store for me a lot of things, first taking me to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, where I will be yelled at, forced to run, perform pushups, fire weapons, and keep my bed made better than even my mother ever forced me to.

If you havent picked up on it, I'm talking about the U.S. Army's Basic Training. And why am I telling you this? Well, because this is the last time I'll ever blog here. Never seems a bit strong, but I'm under the impression that after all the things I'm about to experience in the next five years will be so wonderful that I'll surely forget the existence of this blog and how no one ever read it -- other than the authors, of course!

Anyway, I figured I'd do one last post while I'm relaxing in the comfort of my dwindling teenage life, and bring you the 11th edition of The Videos. One for the road, if you will.

1. Set to Fail, Lamb of God

I was watching some clips today of Henry Rollins and how he loves to express his anger. It was a Top 10 rants list and one of the clips was about Henry ripping modern rock music along with the shitty garbage he loathed so much, rave music. He hit on something that truly made me laugh: it seems like so many bands are sounding the same today, and that everyone appears to want to be nice. To paraphrase Mr. Rollins, what ever happened to bands that wanted to terrorize everyone with their music? The bands that wanted to shock the world with every album they released? That it seems like most bands werent born with balls and lack testosterone. While I'm sure he was referring to artists like Fall Out Boy, Nickelback and My Chemical Romance, he was undeniably not talking about Lamb of God. Exhibit A, my friends.

2. Burden, Opeth

I love fresh music. Whether it's a classic created decades before you ever existed, or something that just hit the streets the day before, listening to new material always has a unique feel to it. Listening to Lamb of God's Wrath three-times yesterday was incredible; I jammed to it in my room and on the other two occasions, driving to and from various locations with the volume cranked beyond any safe level. With Opeth's Watershed, it's no different. Regardless of how this is a video that slices three-minutes off the actual song's length, it's still holding the beautiful power of the track off the album -- an album I've probably listened to ten times already.

3. Get On Your Boots, U2

Is there anyone bigger than U2? The new single off their set to be released album Horizon is pretty all over the place, but who ever said erratic is a turn off? Beyond the interesting lyrics and edgy guitar play (just let that one go), is an intoxicating need to get up and move being exhibited from this song and the way its performed. So when they say get on your boots, they really mean it.

4. Wavin' Flag, K'naan

I havent heard K'naan's new album Troubador yet, but seeing how The Dusty Foot Philosopher was a big hit for the Mac Daddy, something tells me it's gotta be dynamite. And with the help of this little number, it makes it even more believeable.

5. Bleeding Me, Metallica

This is how I wish to exit. A mesmerizing track from a section of their career that most try to push from their memory, "Bleeding Me" is one of their most complete songs and underrated at the same time. The 1990's was a decade for grunge music and the birth of nu-metal, and while all that went down, songs like these went unnoticed. May it go noticed now.

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