Monday, September 22, 2008

Dogs, Rhymes, and Karma Presents its First Post

Hey there.

Listening to anything? I'm sure you are; music saves your life, as proclaimed by Fuse -- channel 339 on your DirecTV programming, if you have it. Whether you're head bobbing to the flow of Lupe Fiasco or Dre, getting lost in the bluesy groove of "When the Levee Breaks", or relishing in the modern music world's finest entrees, such as Iron & Wine, this is a place for you to come and share interests with a few others who will be on a regular basis showcasing anything from album reviews, to music video posts that are to be named at a later date. I'm Mac, one of many authors thats interests in music stretch far and wide, and not just limited to one genre, or sub-genre, for that matter. Just yesterday I was escaping to my room and seeking refuge in the music of Eminem; the day before, it was most definitely a mixture between artists from styles like psychadelic, thrash metal, and piano rock.

But that's just a side-note, the purpose of today's post, the first post, is to get things started, simply, and without great effort -- the good stuff will come later and often.

Last year, notable names that were inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame were John Mellencamp, Madonna and the Dave Clark Five, among many, many others. In January of 2009, we'll get five more, along with many other people that contributed to the greatest (Dare I say it!) genre in music. As of yesterday, it was announced that the committee had narrowed their list down to nine-artists, and here they are:

Bobby Womack


Jeff Beck

Little Anthony & the Imperials


Run D.M.C.

The Stooges

Wanda Jackson


Taking a look at the list very quickly, I must admit that at the age of 19, not all of the artists are familiar to me. Some of the names -- Beck, Stooges, War -- are recognizable, but I've never heard much of anything out of them. Others -- Metallica -- are utter obsessions, as you'll come to find out I'm sure, unless I'm able to do the unthinkable in containing it.

Then there's the artists that the future Hip-Hop contributors will be able to relate too: Run D.M.C. It doesnt come as a surprise that they're there, because, really -- Madonna, Michael Jackson, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five -- yea, there's a history of non-rock artists making it, but that's an argument that'd end up being as much of a quagmire as the Iraq War. (Oops, forgot to not get political)

And of course, who can overlook the disco heart-throb, Chic?

There's a few shoe-ins -- Metallica, Jeff Beck, The Stooges; the rest are up for debate.

Either way, I'll be the one yelling at the TV "WHERE'S IRON MAIDEN?!?!" when the program is aired next year on VH1 Classic.

Your thoughts?


Big Ben68 said...

First comment in our blog's history!!!

Also, I don't see any problem with non-rock groups/artists being included in the election process. It really doesn't make sense to keep it only as a rock n roll hall of fame when many genres are popular not only today but also in the past.

Mac said...

If hip-hop artists want to be acknowledeged for what they've accomplished in music, they should create their own Hall, and not get into the ROCK n' ROLL HOF.

It's Rock n' Roll, not "Rock n' Roll, and to Please Everyone Else, Disco, Pop, Rap, Country, Classical etc Hall of Fame".

Chrono said...

I'm with Mac on this one... It's called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a reason. Rap/hip-hop doesn't belong there.

Big Ben68 said...

Wasn't it set up back BEFORE other genres became highly popular? I don't know...

I don't know why there isn't a Hip Hop Hall of Fame. Maybe because rap artists don't need to be incredibly superficial and try to make themselves seem better than everyone else with their own HOF.

IDK...just putting that out there.

The Hemogoblin said...

Going out on a limb here:

Rap Hall of Fame results in controversies, riots, murders.

If people still argue whether Biggie or Tupac started it, etc., what makes anyone think that a RapHOF would solve any of that? It'd just give somewhere else for everyone to throw a shitfit.

Cincy Carter said...

Rock and Roll hall of fame is a joke at times. Madonna? You've got to be joking, and some of the best and biggest contributers took way to long to get in. Is it necesarry? No, but we'll stil jibber about things like this. Metallica, a shoe-in no do they not get in before this year?

The Hemogoblin said...

20 years after the last good album, that's the HoF rules, Cincy.